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About us

Jan De Jager has always had 'higher' aspirations than most and began his paragliding career at 17 years old. He has remained dedicated to this sport and his extensive experience gives him the leading edge when it comes to both flying and the equipment used. Having travelled extensively, Jan came to Cape Town where he found ideal conditions and very few ethical pilots. With strong safety values and a genuine passion for flying PARA TAXI was born.

Paragliding is weather dependent, one of the factors that contribute to its appeal! The adrenaline rush of flying after a period of waiting intensifies the experience, not to mention the risk of weather conditions changing mid flight. Jan's experience in all aspects of this sport contribute to the excellent reputation he has steadily built, and his refusal to compromise on standards has kept PARA TAXI small but at the top of the flying-game.

When his feet are on solid ground, Jan and his network of PARA TAXI ambassadors spend their time promoting the sport. Thanks to his marketing background, Jan has an extensive network of client contacts, agents and operators through which he ensures a positive image for paragliding and affords him the opportunity to keep on doing what he does best - PARAGLIDING.

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